Fayez Khwaja

Fayez Khwaja

Muslim Spiritual Advisor

Fayez Khwaja is a graduate of New York University, with a major in Computer Science. He was born in Cardiff, Wales UK. Fayez came to the United States with his family in 1982. He completed grade school and college in New York City. While at NYU Fayez became heavily involved with the Islamic center at NYU. That was the start of his efforts to help people understand Islam. Fayez has lived on 3 continents and 4 major US cities, New York, Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Fayez has been working in the community for many years. He has regularly delivered talks to people of all ages, from youth groups to churches. As a teacher in an Islamic school for several years, teaching middle school and high school Islamic studies, he was able to connect with the students over the long term. Many of those relationships are still ongoing, years later. Over the years, he has been a full-time youth director and started up a number of mosque youth groups in some of the many places he has lived.

Fayez is looking to forge strong relationships with the students. He loves long thoughtful conversation, economics and politics, and being outdoors. He hopes to use this position to bring a greater understanding of Islam among all who are connected with Northeastern University.

Rev. Sujith Sam Mammen
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