Sacred Seasons and Holy Days

Throughout the year, CSDS Spiritual Advisors and student groups offer weekly opportunities for prayer, worship, study, and meditation, alongside communal observances of holidays and festivals. For more information, see our sacred seasons and holidays calendar. CSDS supports students seeking off-campus places of worship and/or support with religious accomodations (holidays, dietary considerations, etc.).

University Policies on Accommodations for Religious Observance

Northeastern respects the religious beliefs of faculty and staff and their desire to observe their accepted religious customs and holy days. The University allows reasonable time off without adjustment to pay to attend religious observances on generally recognized holy days, provided this does not disrupt academic schedules or administrative responsibilities.

Northeastern is committed to honoring the religious commitments of all members of our community.  Both university policy and Massachusetts law provide that students unable to attend classes, participate in required course activities, or take a scheduled examination because of religious observance will be provided with reasonable opportunity to make up the course work without adverse effects.  The university also respects the religious observance of faculty members. For students, find the appropriate policies below or here. For faculty and staff, find the policies below or here. 

For Students

Policy On Instructional Accommodations For Student Religious Observance

I. Purpose and Scope

This policy sets forth the protocol required of instructors at the university when requests are made by students to accommodate their religious practice. The policy applies to all students at the university and to all persons employed in an instructional capacity by the university.

II. Definitions

For purposes of this Policy,

Student means any person enrolled in any course offered by Northeastern.

Instructor refers to any person acting as an instructor in a course offered by the university, whether as the instructor of record or in an assisting role.

III. Policy

When any student is unable, because of religious practice, to attend class or participate in an examination or any other required assignment or activity in any course in which she or he is enrolled, the course instructor shall provide reasonable opportunity to make up the examination, assignment or activity.

IV. Additional Information N/A

V. Contact Information Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost (617-373-2170).

ACADEMIC AND FACULTY AFFAIRS; Effective Date: 1985; Date Revised: December 10, 2015; Supersedes: N/A; Related Policies: Student Bill of Academic Rights and Responsibilities (in Student Handbook); Responsible Office/Department: Office of the Provost

For Faculty and Staff

Northeastern respects the religious beliefs of faculty and staff and their desire to take time off for religious observances. Employees may use personal time for religious observances.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Alexander Levering Kern Executive Director of CSDS at [email protected] (617.373.4931)